Feet First

I hate my feet. Not because I think feet are ugly or that mine are particularly gnarly.

My feet remind me of my brother.  I miss him and we had similar feet.  When I don’t have polish on my toes it’s more apparent, the moment the polish comes off a bit of melancholy sets in.  I actually get mad at my own feet.


America is kind of irritating me and I’m American.  What the hell with the options for President right now?  Shitty prospects.  It’s rather embarrassing.  Some people say if you don’t like it, leave.  What happened to the idea of trying to make things better where you are instead of just tuck and run?  I don’t give up on people that quickly, why would I give up on a once (and hopefully future) great nation because some of its citizens are assholes?


Children in different countries cry and scream differently.  I hadn’t realized this till I lived in a few.  Why is that?  Vocal chords are cultural?  Are babies raised to hit a specific pitch depending on what part of the world you live in?


Starting an anonymous blog to air out thoughts and feelings instead of paying a therapist is sane right?


One comment

  1. OMG! My big toe! It’s totally my dad’s. Not the left one…the right one…and I hate it! I want to saw it off, shove it up his spiritual ass and be done with it. So…knowing his homophobia, I paint it…lots and lots of colors! Some times, I get really rebellious and I put glitter on it! That’ll teach him. A-hole! I don’t think about feet much, but I think I should. They carry us through everything life pushes in front of us.

    ‘Merica – Yeah, I’m embarrassed. I don’t wanna any more, but I will. You know I will. I will do my civic duty. I will vote. I won’t like it. And I will do it because so many people who I know, love, and respect have fought for that right for me. I won’t disrespect them. And, I continue to be proud to be American.

    Children – “They should be seen and not heard” was a phrase that made me cringe as a child. One of my mother’s very stern, stoic, and bitchy bee-hive toting German lady friends used to say that to me when I was a kid, running without a care in the word, around a swimming pool, in the dead of the humidity and heat of the deep south on a July day. Until one day. One day, I was tired of hearing this out of the hole in her face so I stopped in my tracks and said “You should shut up too!” My mom was mortified. I was punished for it. Put on restriction for the rest of the weekend. But you know what? That bitch never came to the pool with us again. Mission accomplished! Oh, and on topic…folks also “SHUSH” one another differently in different countries…Austrians say “Pshht” Americans say “Shhh”

    Therapy – This is much more fun. Less hipster. More “fuck off” ish. I rather dig this scene. Any one, I’m not lying on a moldy couch wondering who may have been bent over the head rest for a good time.

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