Pain In The Neck

I felt great all day yesterday then get up after watching a movie to go to bed and there’s a nasty kink in my neck.  Sleeping with an achy neck SUCKS!  Plus I’m PMSing.  Should be a fantastic day.


I am one of those people who waits for the shoe to drop (so to speak).  Life is going well, I feel happy and getting healthier.  There isn’t anything specific posing a problem or giving me grief.  Tread lightly when all is well in my world.

I think it’s a family curse of sorts.  My parents have a similar story.  When all is well all of a sudden the car breaks down, the a/c unit fails, the dog is sick, the washing machine is making noises, work slacks off, money is tight and there’s a death in the family.


My house is potentially about to be invaded and my life changed in a big way and it scares me to bits.  Hoping I can acclimate to having a teenager in the house after living childfree since 1990.  The fact that she’s a young adult will hopefully make that less challenging.  I am curious how sharing my husband’s time and affections is going to work.  I am a fairly selfish person in that regard.


I like Peeps but I can’t eat them because I’m diabetic.  Yes, I know they have some sugar free options but they aren’t very good and it’s made with Splenda which is NOT kind to the intestinal tract or the toilet.



  1. OOOH! I see what you did there…Pain in the Neck…and then enumeration! My likey!

    I’m not a “tread lightly” person; being more of the “bull in a china shop” sort, I succumb to boredom. And, you know what “they” say about idle hands being the devil’s playground? Well, I am, I must admit…a shit stirrer…and I become the one creating an upheaval in order to FEEL something more than just the doldrums of complacency. I think that this is the ONLY part of my zodiac sign that I may agree fits into my personality…flightly/fickle/emotional…certainly not procrastinator! (eye roll) Whatever.

    I think that we get what we think, what we say, and what we feel. I’ve tried to be different and I have reaped the benefits of the results. This last time, I caused such a commotion in my marriage that I thought it was genuinely over. I was hurt and saddened by the thought that I could hurt my husband, a good and genuine man, one who family tromps through fields of shit and feels compelled to wipe their feet on his back, one who would give the shirt off his back for a bit of genuine love and respect. I hurt him deeply. I did that. My honesty and brutal words were not tempered by kindness and I had to reap what I had sewn. I won’t do that again. It hurt my soul. Since the clouds had parted, the result has been remarkable, but at what cost? I can find a better way to say what I mean and mean what I say that doesn’t cause a soul bruise.

    Kids. Blech! ‘Nuff said. I don’t play well in the sand box. I don’t share my toys. I like being the “one and only.” You, my dear, CalySayso, are a much, much better woman than I.

    Peeps…they can only be eaten when the package has been left open for 2 days. Stale. No longer “peeping” and slightly crusty and hard. I like them hard. Really hard.

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  2. I often say things badly and usually to the people that matter the most. No cure for it, no cream for that to make it go away. Just have to see how things settle when the storm dies down eh.

    Peeps are definitely best after the wait!


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