Peaceful Slap Upside The Head

Ever have a day where things just click?   Me either.

Saturday I woke up and just felt good, there was no reason for it that I could identify.  Just felt like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  In this house, in this town, in this country, with this man.  This kind of feeling hasn’t hit me in a very long time, if ever really.  Nothing against the places we’ve lived or the man prior to Saturday, just with deep emotions mostly to do with grief impacting my inner peace, I kind of thought the rest of my life was going to be turbulent internally.  Things are leveling out it seems.

There’s still grief but it has taken a turn towards honoring those lost and leaving the hurt, anger and want to kill/revenge in the past.

Oddly enough Sunday was an entirely different emotion, with PMS hitting super hard I was in an extreme self hate kind of place but I knew it was temporary.  Chocolate and chips helped.


One comment

  1. “Everything is as it should be” this is a quote from one of my dearest friends. She is one of those who makes lemons into lemonade, but only after proclaiming “It tastes like shit, but it’s all I have to drink” We make the best of everything, as often as we are able, or…we don’t. Either way, we still live. And, chocolate and chips, and even chocolate chips help everything!

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