You Are Over-Sharing!

Dear Moms of babies and toddlers,

I completely appreciate that you love and adore your babies.  I also understand that with social media platforms, sharing your joyful family moments is easier then ever.  Some of you I love and adore as well which is why I am attached to your social media.

That being said, please for the love of all that is good and happy stop posting photos of your children with food on their faces.  It’s just gross and messy.  Wipe that shit off before you take a photo.

Some would say just skip over the photos if you don’t want to see it but I really can’t can I? Scrolling a newsfeed means seeing what everyone puts up there so I can scroll passed it but I can’t unsee what was there.

I guess the year 1 birthday cake is a given and exempt from this pleading but otherwise just stop, you’re over-sharing.


Not a Mom



  1. I propose that you and I set about replicating these gross displays of bad manners. We taut our own special blend of “cute” and post it all over Social Media…faces with spaghetti sauce, slackened mouths, dribbled chins, and stained clothing…ALL THAT. Let’s see how long it takes for the masses to rise up with pitch forks and torches to tell us to clean it up! Want to???

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