Weird Reading Thing

I’m a reader.  I love books, mostly of the Fantasy/Sci Fi Genre but also Historical and Contemporary Fiction and Romance/Light-hearted and Easy Read types.  I also enjoy some Mystery and Young Adult dystopian novels.  Quite a range isn’t it.

This tends to allow me to jump between strong, hard, difficult reads to easy, no stress, warm things.  Keeps me rather balanced I think.

That said, lately I have been in a strange funk.  The last few books going between different genres have all had either incest, child rape, child prostitution or ritualistic sacrifice of children.  None of them allude to it in their blurbs so I wasn’t aware of it going in or I likely would not have picked any of them up.  I’m just not in to this subject matter.

I even picked up a romance author that I normally enjoy to try to get away from it but it’s in there too!  Just NO!

I understand it’s a real issue in the world and honestly if it’s mentioned in a book I don’t mind but these books are way too in depth and go on about it in too much detail and repetitively throughout the books.


Just NO!



  1. I’ve been consuming books like a chocoholic to cake! The genre that I prefer is “thrillers” and the voice that I prefer is first person present. What I have been finding is that most of the thrillers are told from varying perspectives of several characters ABOUT the main character and often, the main character has no voice until the epilogue or has no voice at all. At first, I found this style of writing distracting and I did not like it at all. Now, I have settled into the cadence and the shift of perspective like a moth to a flame. It suits me. It is as manic as I am. I cannot, however, stomach ANY animal abuse whatsoever. One of the last books that I ingested had a modicum of animal cruelty. In all honesty, I skipped over those pages like a rabid hop scotch player. There are some things I just can’t stomach. I get you.

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    • I haven’t read much with animal cruelty, every now and then and I’m glad. That’s another thing I don’t enjoy envisioning. I read to escape and let my imagination go crazy, to view something perhaps differently and sometimes to educate myself. I know there’s ugly in the world, I don’t need to read about it when I’m expecting to sit with a cozy book and get lost in it. A warning would have been nice.

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