Why am I so literal?


Just in case you have been hiding under your bed, or you aren’t on ANY form of social media (then how are you reading this?), or if you simply have not been keeping your eye to the sky…there is a SUPER moon over the next several evenings, which will be looming overhead, bright and beautiful.  This moon is NOT any larger than on any other given day.  Good Gods people, use your noodles!  The moon doesn’t get any bigger or smaller!  It is what it freakin’ is!  It simply gets closer to us…it’s called an OPTICAL ILLUSION.

Lastly, before you tell me that the moon gets larger and smaller as it waxes and wanes, OMG, NO, JUST STOP IT.  It does NOT.  The view of the moon is just partially obstructed at varying times of the month, depending on how the earth’s shadow is cast.  So JUST NO.  The moon, unlike my waist line, does not get larger…LITERALLY (used in proper context, for once!).



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