2016 Hate?

Social Media is exploding with hate for 2016, at least mine is.  Some because of what seems to be a lot of celebrity deaths, others because of Brexit and/or the U.S. election.  Yet others perhaps on a more personal level.  Or a combination of them.

All of those are valid points to consider but they certainly don’t sum up my year.  I am not jumping on that bandwagon.  In fact, I’m basically overjoyed with my year.  Sure, there have been some downs and I feel anxiety with personal issues, sadness for celebrity deaths and absolutely acknowledge and humbly appreciate those putting their lives on the line in service of a better world but I can’t let the year end with only sad thoughts, there have been so many ups as well!  So many wonderful things happened in my 2016, lets make a list!

  • Moved to a part of the world I never thought would happen and fell in love with it.  Travel and experienced different cultures.
  • Friendships strengthened.
  • I began to embrace who I actually am and started letting go of the pressure I have put on myself over the years of being the perfect person for (fill in the blank).  I rather like being home and cozy and that’s ok.
  • Reading became an active hobby I have accepted and embraced instead of felt bad for doing.  There was a guilt of sitting around reading that kept me from doing it that I have let go of.  What some (my mother) would suggest is wasting time to me is using time in the best way for me so it is not a waste.  I might blog about defining what is a hobby.
  • Decisions were made regarding some family which has released me from stress.
  • My marriage strengthened and settled.  It isn’t perfect but we work through the problems and I complain to a friend (or here haha) and move past it reminding myself that this is for the long haul and we aren’t always going to sync up and that’s perfectly ok.
  • Creating this anonymous blog has been rather therapeutic and I hope the two of us continue to use it as needed to blow off steam, say what we feel without causing any harm and laugh when we feel like it.
  • Of course in my opinion saying no to Hilary Clinton was a win, though I’m not sure Trump is a triumph, I’ve decided to remain hopeful.  Time will tell.

Heading into 2017 with a mostly peaceful heart and in a pretty positive place.  I’m curious to see what the new President will do and am optimistic that this turn for America might just be a good one even if it is a learning experience and growing pain.  I’d be ecstatic if he proves to be more than the doomsdayers are predicting.

I can’t wait to see where we travel to this next year!

In 2016 I tried reading many different genre of books to figure out exactly what my love for reading encompasses so I’m hoping this year of reading will be all great things.

Creating my own planner was fun, will see how it does and will have fun tweaking it throughout the year.

Sharing amazing adventures with friends visiting from afar.

Learning a new language, I won’t say fluent but I hope to get conversational at least.

Health goals of course, need to get back to working out regularly as well as being a bit pickier with food choices.

A closer relationship for my husband and his kids.


There’s my take on 2016 and hopes for 2017.


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