Dear Mr. and Mrs. Celebrity

Please shut the hell up about politics.  You are there to entertain me, not educate me on your opinions.  Your lifestyle has nothing to do with mine so your politics have nothing to do with my reality, trust me.  I don’t care what you think either way, we aren’t friends or colleagues, you aren’t a teacher in my political science course and your rant or reaction is not going to sway how I think.  Or are you just looking for validation?  Is an award or millions of dollars not enough validation for you?  In fact you aren’t a real person in that politics effect you vastly differently than they do me so please just put on your glamorous clothes, borrowed million dollar jewelry and smile for the damn camera.  If you want to share your opinion, gather your other celebrity “friends” or peers for an elaborate celebrity chef produced dinner and make a speech to them.

Just shut your pie hole, smile and graciously accept your award then go have your Botox treatment and give us a new fabulous movie or television show like a good star.

Trust me, I don’t stay up late wondering what your thoughts on the current election are.


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