Women’s March Madness

A friend recently sent me a link to an article written about the March and wanted my thoughts on it.  I thought I’d share them here…my safe zone, of sorts.

Here is the link to the article/blog: susan.speer

My thoughts:

A quick disclaimer:  I wrote this out first thing in the morning so if anything doesn’t make sense, let me know and I’ll clarify if possible.

While I am all for women’s rights and equality I do have some issues with what this woman said.  For one, I think birth control should be made available through health care as long as Viagra is but I don’t think the U.S. Government should be dictating health care, I think health care providers should be offering it on their own and competing to keep prices down.  I also am starting to lean towards believing birth control should only be provided if it’s medically necessary.  If it’s only for birth control reasons there are other options that are less expensive but as long as Viagra and other non-medical “medicines” are available to men, birth control should be available to women.  I think that if a person is in a place of not affording or being provided health care through their employment and thus can’t get birth control and can’t afford a condom then they should not be having sex.  I’m rather tired of women around the world having babies but not able to feed them through their own means.  I realize sometimes things happen but for a large majority of women living in poverty they are procreating at alarming rates and purposefully because the government is helping them.  I also hope Planned Parenthood is able to continue, they provide a great service to women who can’t afford health care.

I’m not sure what her point was about being assaulted.  That is not legal and it is punishable by law in the U.S.  So, not sure what she was saying there.

The job statement again she falls back on childcare.  Obviously, there are some that have lost jobs and have trouble finding new ones (myself included) but honestly I just don’t believe the government is responsible for giving women jobs because they are women.  There are very few jobs these days that are gender based.  We have a law that requires employers not to hire based on gender.  What else are they supposed to do about getting a woman a job?  Should women be paid equally to men?  Of course, if they are doing the same work and at the same level and should the government promote for that to happen, yes.  Should the government somehow force employers to hire a woman over a man simply because she’s a woman and has children to support?  NO.

If you need childcare to be able to work, get started figuring that shit out.  If you can’t, look into work from home opportunities.  Or apply for a grant and open your own daycare. Or find other people who need childcare and form a group to help each other.  If you are too overwhelmed to figure something out, stop procreating.  Women’s Equality and Women’s Rights should extend to women taking control of their uterus and deciding they aren’t a baby factory if they aren’t financially stable enough to provide for it.  And I’m sick of seeing women having trouble getting by but have a smart phone and load up on junk food.  I had enough watching women on food stamps who just had their third baby and needed help buying milk but were at the checkout with cases of Coke in their carts and standing in line on their iPhone 6 plus.

Voting:  We have the right.  Every woman legally in America does.  If they don’t know they do at this point…what the hell?  In America, where basic education is free and required for legal citizens, if you don’t know the simple requirement of needing to be registered to vote (which I learned in elementary school) and that you have a voting center for your neighborhood, and aren’t smart enough to ask someone, then you obviously don’t know what you are voting for anyway so please don’t show up.  Going to vote without knowing the process or what you are voting on is just wrong and dangerous and dare I say anyone showing up without that basic knowledge is probably not here legally anyway.  If a person migrated to America to be American and “live the dream” one of the first questions they should have asked was, how do I vote?

Her summary:

“women who don’t have shit”  what is she hoping will help this issue from the March?  I’m lost.  Is the government just supposed to give women stuff because they are women?  Here’s a new car, enjoy and thanks for having boobs?

“women who are raising awesome children with their same-sex partner who has to legally adopt the child that is biologically hers, and might find herself spontaneously unmarried in the eyes of the Supreme Court.”  I am all for LBGQT equality.  I know we’ve come a long way in America but there’s a long way still to go.  I have nothing but hope and support for it.

“I marched for women who need reproductive healthcare of any kind.”  Need for health reasons I agree and hope Trump comes up with a plan that will work with these needs.  That said, I am not for the prisoner who “needs” a sex change and the government to provide it.  HELL NO.

“ I marched for the 17-year old pregnant girl who dropped out of school to sort my clothes at the dry cleaners for $7.25/hour. She has to quit when the baby comes because she doesn’t get any time off, paid or otherwise. Her next job will be minimum wage, too, because she hasn’t gotten her GED yet and doesn’t know if she can get in the night school program because she’ll need someone to stay with her newborn.”  Sorry.  She should have thought that through before spreading her legs.  But there are programs to help such as welfare, wic and others.  What else is the government supposed to do for her?  Should she get an award for participating?  Most of us started working at minimum wage when we were teenagers and we turned out just fine, the fact that she has a baby now is on her and for the record a LOT of single teen moms have made something of their lives.    A quick google search for single mothers support found a lot assistance out there. 

“I marched for the woman who was raped in college and still hasn’t even told her best friend, after all these years.”  A horrible situation but I’m not sure how the government is responsible for this?  It’s already illegal to rape a woman and there are centers for women who offer counselling all over America, also most colleges have counsellors to help too.  There are also support groups.  What is the government supposed to do ???

Just my views on things mentioned.  To kind of sum up, I’m all for women (and men) supporting women and I was cheering for the March until I heard the organizers told some women no because they didn’t follow their exact ideals.  That isn’t women supporting women at all.  That is women supporting their own agenda.



  1. Pretty much, they marched because they were and are hysterical…in the original sense of the word. What I find most ironic is that these liberated females marched in order to demand that men take care of them.


    • I wasn’t going to approve your comment but after some deliberation it is thought out and articulate and not just trying to stir a pot. I can see where you would draw that conclusion though I don’t agree. Please explain your thought on women in the march demanding that men take care of them?


  2. OK. Let’s start with the fact that every supposed right – most are actually privileges – that these women were supposed protesting for or, at least, those that are specific to women, are ones that they already have. Indeed, almost all applicable laws favor women over men, at least within the same race, religion, and set of avowed sexual preferences. Hence, any protest to the government was, at best, a demand that the government somehow, someway use force to ensure that they get what they want.

    Then, there’s the tangential “women’s'” issues they were protesting, e.g., ObamCare’s removal and replacement. That’s just demanding that they be given stuff and rather “sexistly” describing their desire in terms of women’s rights, as if men aren’t equally affected. The same could, with an admitted stretch, be applied to their complaints about refugees and immigration. (Yes, I would prioritize female refugees and immigrants as well). So again, they just wanted to be given stuff because they’re women – yes, given their manifesto and rhetoric, it was because they’re women.

    But…most of these women make a habit bordering on article of faith of saying there’s “The Patriarchy!” Hence, by their own actions and rhetoric, they’re asking for support, and subsidence from men. They’re simply saying that men need to take care of them because they’re women.

    But, please understand this is all within the context of a protest in DC, not in a broader context of women complaining about what they perceive of as unfair treatment. Also understand that this is all based upon their rhetoric. They weren’t protesting for “human rights.” They were co-opting that phrase in order to reframe a broader and unrelated set of demands in order to build a wider base of support and, somewhat ironically, bring in more men on their side.


    • Very interesting and thought provoking commentary, thank you.
      I do agree that a lot of what I read in the original post I responded to had to do with issues that already had legislation. I would love for someone on their platform to explain what they hope the government will do to further the causes they outlined. Nowhere in her blog did she say how she wished each issue would be accomplished, only her outrage regarding them. This “I’m pissed but have no idea how you should fix things just fix it!” attitude is part of the problem with America today.
      Thank you for your articulate and well explained perspective on this and for not being afraid to put a differing opinion on the web.


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