Unfounded Fears?

I have a very real fear of a change coming.

Why is it worth writing down?  I don’t normally have serious internal anxiety over changes.  Sure I get a little apprehensive, that’s common I would think but this is bigger.

This is different.

I am fearing fading away, losing myself and status in my home to my husband’s young adult daughter who is about to move in and is a big personality.  I am rather quiet.

I’m just not used to sharing him and have become very comfortable in my solitude when he’s at work and our routine when he’s home.

The challenge is going to be owning my self.  Not pushing my world away to accommodate her.  Allowing space for her to grow alongside us without disrupting what we have created here because the world we have carved out is quite beautiful and suits us as a couple.

I’m afraid also of being overruled, two against one in some situations.  I need to find and hold my ground on some things and figure out which to bother defending and which to concede.


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